Tools & Fixing Trays

Tools & Fixing Trays 2017-05-18T20:04:34+01:00

A standard Peco made safer and more productive by the addition of a unique 
tool and fixings tray designed by MEP.


  • Designed to carry a load of up to 20kgs – either tools or fixings.
  • Creates a work station at point of work.
  • Keeps platform floor clear of tools and fixings.
  • Eliminates the operator bending to pick up tools and fixings.
  • Eliminates platform clutter from deck preventing trip and sprain hazards.
  • Reduces loss of expensive fixings through safe storage whilst working at height and increases safety of work by preventing items falling from the platform to the floor below.
  • Enables use and safe storage of individual Linbins on tray.


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