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A unique MEP product designed to prevent the risk of falling objects, in particular tools, over the side of the platform.

Works in conjunction with the unique MEP specially designed tool and fixings tray.

The unique MEP tether strap is located into the specially designed slots on the tool tray allowing the tethering of tools via a karabiner and the integrated 4D rings (5kg max load on each ring) on the tether strap.

Tether strap is made in the UK, tested, rated, certified, and serialised for full traceability of the manufacturing process.

No need to buy new specially designed tools – an operator’s own tools can be converted to a ‘tether ready’ tool.

Option of bespoke tool bag storage system to replace Tether Strap following consultation and design.


Working at height?
Keep tools safe with the
unique MEP Tether Strap
or bespoke tool bag storage system…
…for details call 0800 587 5121