Peco Plus CLASP System

Peco Plus CLASP System 2017-05-18T20:04:34+01:00

CLASP stands for
Controlled, Light, Access, System, Protection.

peco-plus-claspA simple yet effective method to ensure an operator carries out the daily platform inspection, that ensures the platform is safe to operate, and the operator has the permission to use the platform. The flashing light (or one of seven different light strobes) indicates at a glance to site/project management personnel that the operator is safe and trained to use the platform.

  • Authorised User
  • Pre-use Check Machine in use by permissible operative ‘Light On’
  • Light issued
  • Light attached


Point of Work Spotlight

A simple but very effective LED work light that ensures the platform operative can see effectively when working at height; either in voids, below slab level, in recesses, or through suspended ceilings. Attaches to the MEP work tray magnetically and can be easily removed and stored when platform not in use. Uses rechargeable battery.

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