Peco Plus Features

Peco Plus Features 2016-01-25T10:14:12+00:00

Peco Plus is easy, fast and efficient to use…
it’s intuitive… just step in and turn the handle!

  • Step into the platform, no climbing – reduce slips, trips
    and falls.
  • Intuitive to operate – turn handle to elevate.
    Patented* lift mechanism, no power required.
  • ‘Auto-lok’ brake on elevation – eliminates potentially dangerous ‘surfing’.
  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre.
  • Small footprint (985mm x 700mm).
  • Unlimited lift cycles – can be used 24/7 with no lost productivity.
  • Robust design for fit-out projects.
  • Minimal operational costs, no lost parts!

PecoLift is CE marked and fully complies with the requirements of EN280 2009 and is independently third party approved by SGS International.

ECO Compliant
Peco Plus is an eco-friendly solution to low level access. It is battery-free and, with no need to charge, has zero energy consumption. No battery and no hydraulic oil mean no battery acid or hydraulic oil spills. In fact its carbon footprint is even smaller than its working footprint.

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of Peco Plus from MEP Hire
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*Patent applied for